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Trafficking is a form of modern day slavery

Trafficking takes place when a victim is moved from one place to another for the purpose of exploitation.  The trafficker is able to control and exploit the victim through violence, coercion or deception, or a combination of these things. Please follow this link to see the UN definition.

Trafficking can take place across a national border and also within a single country, for example, there are British people who have become victims of trafficking within the UK. For more information on this, see the statistics page.

What are the different types of exploitation that trafficking victims experience in the UK?

Sexual exploitation: involves any non-consensual or abusive sexual acts performed without a victim’s permission. This can also include prostitution, escort work and pornography.

Domestic servitude: involves being forced to work in private households. Their movement will often be restricted and they will be forced to perform household tasks such as child care and house-keeping over long hours and for little if any pay.  Isolation, no unsupervised freedom and often sleeping on a mattress on the floor in an open part of the house are common.

Forced labour: involves victims being compelled to work very long hours, often in arduous conditions, and to hand over the majority if not all of their wages to their traffickers. Forced labour crucially implies the use of coercion and lack of freedom or choice for the victim. In many cases victims are subjected to verbal threats or violence to achieve compliance.

Forced criminality: involves victims, often children, who are forced to commit a range of crimes, including street crime such as DVD selling, bag snatching, ATM theft, pick-pocketing and forced begging

Organ harvesting: involves trafficking people in order to use their internal organs for transplant. The illegal trade is dominated by kidneys, which are in the greatest demand and are the only major organs that can be wholly transplanted with relatively few risks to the life of the donor

All of these types of exploitation affect men, women and children.

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