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Pub. Date Title Publisher Topic
Jul-13 Sexual Exploitation: Prostitution and Organized Crime Fondation SCELLES Sexual Exploitation
Jul-13 Trafficking in Human Beings Amounting to Torture and other forms of ill-treatment OSCE Trafficking victims
Jun-13 In The Dock Anti Trafficking Monitoring Group Criminal Justice
Jun-13 Detecting and Tackling Forced Labour in Europe Joseph Rowntree Foundation Labour Exploitation
Jun-13 Forced Labour and Human Trafficking: Media Coverage in 2012 Joseph Rowntree Foundation Labour Exploitation
Jun-13 Forced Labour in the UK Joseph Rowntree Foundation Labour Exploitation
Jun-13 Follow-up Report on State Involvement with Magdalen Laundries Irish Human Rights Commission Human Rights; Ireland
Jun-13 Capital Exploits: A Study of Prostitution and Trafficking in London Eaves Sexual Exploitation; London
Mar-13 It Happens Here: Equipping the United Kingdom to Fight Modern Slavery

Centre for Social Justice

Extent of Trafficking
Jan-13 Counter-Trafficking and Assistance to Vulnerable Migrants: Annual Report of Activities 2011 IOM
Jan-13 Beyond Borders: Human trafficking from Nigeria to the UK Institute for Public Policy Research (IPPR) Prevention; Protection
Dec-12 Global Report on Trafficking in Persons UN Office of Drugs and Crime Trafficking Victims
Oct-12 First Annual Report of the Inter-Departmental Ministerial Group on Human Trafficking Home Office Identifying Victims
Aug-12 A Baseline Assessment on the Nature and Scale of Human Trafficking in 2011 Serious Organised Crime Agency Extent of Trafficking
Jul-12 Seeking Refuge? Trafficking, Sexual Exploitation and the Law - Important Updates July 2012 Rights of Women Trafficking Victims; Legislation
Jul-12 GLA Brief: Transporting Workers and Vehicle Insurance Gangmasters Licensing Authority Labour Exploitation
Jul-12 The UK’s Response to Human TrafficKing: Fit for Purpose? Combat Trafficking Legislation
Jul-12 Out of Place: The Policing and Criminalisation of Sexually Exploited Girls and Young Women Howard League Sexual Exploitation 
Jul-12 Children’s Commissioner’s Inquiry into Child Sexual Exploitation in Gangs and Groups, With a Special Focus on Children in Care Children's Commissioner Child Trafficking
Jun-12 Report from the joint inquiry into children who go missing from care APPG for Runaway and Missing Children and Adults / APPG for Looked After Children and Care Leavers Child Trafficking
Jun-12 Trafficking in Person Report US State Department Trafficking Victims
May-12 National Referral Mechanism Statistics Serious Organised Crime Agency Identifying Victims
May-12 Licensing Standards - May 2012 Gangmasters Licensing Authority Labour Exploitation
Apr-12 All Change: Preventing Trafficking in the UK Anti-Trafficking Monitoring Group Prevention
Jan-12 Cutting them Free: How is the UK Progressing in Protecting its Children from Sexual Exploitation Barnardo's Child Trafficking
Dec-11 More trafficking less trafficked. Trafficking for Exploitation outside the sex sector in Europe Global Alliance Against Traffic in Women Labour Exploitation
Nov-11 HUMAN TRAFFICKING: Joint UN Commentary on the EU Directive – A Human Rights-Based Approach United Nations Human Rights
Oct-11 Recommended Principles and Guidelines on Human Rights and Human Trafficking UN Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights Human Rights
Oct-11 Forced Labour and UK Immigration policy: Status Matters? Joseph Rowntree Foundation Immigration 
Oct-11 Child Trafficking Update UKHTC / NSPCC Child Trafficking
Sep-11 An Assessment of the Potential Savings from Barnardo’s Interventions for Young People Who Have Been Sexually Exploited Barnardo's Child Trafficking
Aug-11 Inquiry into Human Trafficking in Scotland Equality and Human Rights Commission Causes of Trafficking; Extent of Trafficking; Scotland
Jul-11 Workers' Rights: Protecting Workers Through Licensing Gangmasters Licensing Authority Labour Exploitation
Jun-11 All Wales Practice Guidance for Safeguarding Children Who May Have Been Trafficked All Wales Child Protection Procedures Review Group Protection; Child Trafficking; Wales
Mar-11 Wrong Kind of Victim? One Year On: An Analysis of UK Measures to Protect Trafficked Persons HM Government Child Trafficking
Mar-11 Scotland: A Safe Place for Child Traffickers? Scotland's Commissioner for Children and Young People / Centre for Rural Childhood Extent of Trafficking; Scotland
Mar-11 Safeguarding Trafficked Children Guidance, Toolkit and Monitoring Report London Safeguarding Children Board Protection; Child Trafficking; London
Feb-11 Working Arrangements for the Welfare and Safeguarding of Child Victims of Human Trafficking Department of Health, Social Services and Public Safety Protection; Child Traffickng; Northern Ireland
Jan-11 Puppet on a String: The Urgent Need to Cut Children Free from Sexual Exploitation Barnardo's Child Trafficking
Jan-11 Never Work Alone: Trade Unions and NGOs joining forces to combat Forced Labour and Trafficking in Europe  Anti-Slavery International Labour Exploitation
Jan-11 The Trafficking of Women and Children from Vietnam CEOP Centre Trafficking Victims
2011 Hidden Children: The Trafficking and Exploitation of Children Within the Home CEOP Centre Child Trafficking
2011 Preventing Internal Trafficking in the UK UK Human Trafficking Centre Internal Trafficking
Dec-10 Discussion Paper: Child Trafficking for Forced Criminality ECPAT UK Child Trafficking
Oct-10 Child Trafficking in the UK: A Snapshot ECPAT UK Child Trafficking
Oct-10 Seeking Refuge? Trafficking, Sexual Exploitation and the Law Rights of Women Trafficking Victims; Legislation
Oct-10 Victims of Trafficking: Guidance for the Competent Authorities UK Border Agency Identifying Victims
Jun-10 Safeguarding Children Who May Have Been Trafficked   Anti-Trafficking Monitoring Group Protection; Child Trafficking
Jun-10 Trafficking for Sexual Exploitation in Wales - Update 2010 Amnesty International Sexual Exploitation; Wales
Oct-09 Study on Trafficking in Organs, Tissues and Cells and Trafficking in Human Beings United Nations & Council of Europe Organ Trafficking
Jul-09 Child Trafficking in the European Union: Challenges, Perspectives and Good Practices European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights Child Trafficking; Europe
Jun-09 Breaking the Wall of Silence: Practitioners' Responses to Trafficked Children and Young People NSPCC Frontline Experiences; Child Trafficking
Apr-09 Strategic Threat Assessment on Child Trafficking in the UK CEOP Centre Child Trafficking
Mar-09 Bordering on concern: Child trafficking in Wales ECPAT End Child Prostitution, Child Pornography and the Trafficking of Children for Sexual Purposes ECPAT Child Trafficking (Wales)
Jan-08 The Health of Trafficked Women: A Survey of Women Entering Posttrafficking Services in Europe American Public Health Association Trafficking Victims
Jan-07 Missing Out: A Study of Child Trafficking in the North-West, North-East and West Midlands ECPAT UK Child Trafficking; Extent of Trafficking; UK
Jan-07 A Handbook on Planning Projects to Prevent Child Trafficking International Federation Terre des Hommes Prevention
Jun-06 Action to Prevent Child Trafficking in South Eastern Europe: A Preliminary Assessment UNICEF Child Trafficking; UK
May-06 Stolen Smiles: A Summary Report on the Physical and Psychological Health Consequences of Women and Adolescents Trafficked in Europe Poppy Project Trafficking Victims
2006 Reference Guide on Protecting the Rights of Child Victims of Trafficking in Europe UNICEF Protection; Child Trafficking
Jun-05 Council of Europe Convention on Action against Trafficking in Human Beings and its Explanatory Report Council of Europe Legislation


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