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Chief constable calls for vigilance in reporting slavery in Cornwall

People should to be more vigilant when it comes to reporting suspected incidents of exploited workers in Cornwall, the chief constable says. Devon and Cornwall Police chief Shaun Sawyer said Cornwall was an "uncomfortable" place for those conducting modern-day slavery.
BBC NEWS Cornwall 5th March 2015

Lords inflict government defeat over visa laws

The government has suffered a narrow defeat in the House of Lords over its Modern Slavery Bill. Peers voted in favour of an amendment designed to give greater protection to overseas domestic workers.
BBC News 26th February 2015

Family who trafficked teenage girls into Manchester and sold them as sex slaves brought to justice

A Hungarian family who trafficked vulnerable teenage girls into Manchester and sold them as sex slaves have been brought to justice. The vile prostitution ring was masterminded by Alex Breier, 41, who arranged for three girls to be brought into the UK where they lived a penniless, depraved existence.
Manchester Evening News 17th February 2015

Introducing Beyond Slavery’s month on forced labour in the global political economy

Beyond Trafficking and Slavery editors introduce their February issue exploring the political economic contexts of slavery, trafficking and forced labour, and examining global efforts to confront their root causes.
Open Democracy 16th February 2015

Sex traffickers' juju spells to be 'reversed' as part of radical new scheme to encourage young African victims to come forward

Britain’s anti-slavery commissioner is examining radical new plans to prosecute sex traffickers by “reversing” the juju spells that terrorise many of their victims into staying silent.
The Independent 15th February 2015

'Slave labour' maids told their Saudi diplomat boss has immunity

Two domestic workers who say they were trafficked and then treated as slaves by a Saudi diplomat and his wife have been told he is protected from a compensation claim by diplomatic immunity.
The Telegraph 10 February 2015

Forty-five 'rescued from human traffickers' in Northern Ireland

Forty-five potential victims of human trafficking were rescued in Northern Ireland last year, according to the National Crime Agency (NCA).
NEWS Northern Ireland 9th February 2015

Marian Dzuga and Jozef Dzuga charged with human trafficking in and around the Medway Towns.

Two men have been charged with human trafficking in Medway. Brothers Marian Dzuga, 36, and Jozef Dzuga, 35, were arrested following a large investigation in 2013 into the alleged exploitation of Slovakian nationals, living and working in the Medway Towns.
KentOnline 30 January 2015  

Give slavery victims ‘freedom from prosecution for minor crimes’

Granting victims of slavery immunity from prosecution to give evidence about exploitation will be a key tool in tackling organised gangs, according to the officer in charge of coordinating new investigative powers.
The guardian 28 January 2015

I was sold into sexual slavery

A few weeks ago, Megan Stephens got on a bus in a bustling city centre in the north of England. A man sat across the aisle from her. He was wearing sunglasses and had a moustache. For a horrible moment, she thought she recognised him.
The guardian 23 January 2015

News focus: What will the impact of the Modern Slavery Bill be

The Modern Slavery Bill will require unprecedented transparency in supply chains. Will Green examines the implications for ….
Supple Management 20 January 2015

10 New Year's resolutions to prevent modern slavery

As a leading alliance of more than 80 major brands and retailers, trade unions that represent 160 million workers globally, and 17 NGOs, the Ethical Trading Initiative (ETI) has been actively engaged over the past year in helping to shape and influence the UK Modern Slavery Bill, now in its final stages of debate in Parliament. It has drafted statements, made recommendations and, with the British Retail Consortium, written to the Prime Minister on behalf of many of its members, in order to influence the Bill.
The Guardian 12 January 2015

MSPs back increased police powers to tackle human trafficking

Plans to extend police powers to pursue, board and detain ships suspected of being involved in human trafficking offences have been endorsed by MSPs. Members of the Scottish Parliament’s Justice Committee said the move, which is included in the Modern Slavery Bill at Westminster, was “sensible and appropriate”. However, MSPs have stopped short of calling for a specific anti-slavery commissioner for Scotland, instead backing the creation of a UK-wide role.
Holyrood 8 January 2015

MODERN SLAVERY BILL: Victims should not have lesser rights than in the rest of the UK

Please amend the Modern Slavery Bill during its final stages to guarantee in law that victims of human trafficking will receive support and assistance.  The Modern Slavery Bill must contain a statement guaanteeing support that is equal to that in the equivalent Scottish and Northern Ireland legislation. It is not right that victims of trafficking in England and Wales should have significantly weaker rights to assistance and support than those in the rest of the UK.
38 DEGREES 6 January 2015

South Lincolnshire slavery cases just the ‘tip of the iceberg’

An expert on the issue of slavery and worker exploitation says the nine cases under investigation in our region are merely the ‘tip of the iceberg’. Prof Gary Craig said he ‘wasn’t surprised’ to hear police and the Gangmasters Licensing Authority (GLA) are investigating nine cases of slavery and sexual exploitation in the Boston and South Holland area. “I suspect this is just the tip of the iceberg,” he said.
Boston Standard 5 January 2015

Pope Francis uses new year mass to condemn slavery and human trafficking

Theme of service to mark Roman Catholic church’s World Day of Peace is ‘No Longer Slaves, but Brothers and Sisters’. Pope Francis has urged people of all religions and cultures to unite to fight modern slavery and human trafficking, saying in his first mass of 2015 that everyone has a God-given right to be free. The service at St Peter’s Basilica marks the Roman Catholic church’s World Day of Peace. This year’s theme is No Longer Slaves, but Brothers and Sisters.
The Guardian 2 January 2015

Stocking Up for Christmas: Tackling Slavery in Our Supply Chains

As usual, the approach to Christmas is marked by many challenging and contradictory messages vying for our attention. There's the oldest message that seeks to remind us of the origins of Christmas, emphasising peace and goodwill. Then there's the message from retailers who every year move the starting blocks further forward to gain an advantage over their competitors. Another insists that Christmas should emphasise sharing, through the giving and receiving of presents.
Huffington Post 22 December 2014

Shocking images capture the daily squalor endured by 10 suspected ‘slave’ workers

The M.E.N. this week revealed how 20 eastern European men and women workers were rescued after police swooped on a picture framing factory on Ings Lane in Rochdale. With their freezing stone floors, damp-infested walls and crumbling plaster, these squalid rooms could date back to Victorian times. But instead the shocking images show the daily squalor endured by 10 suspected ‘slave’ workers living together inside a small terraced house in Rochdale.
Mancester Evening News 17 December 2014

'Slaves' trafficked from eastern Europe found at a Rochdale picture framing factory

They have alleged they were working in terrible conditions and were paid £25 for an 80-hour week after deductions for rent and travel.Police have saved 20 eastern European ‘slaves’ during a raid at a picture framing factory in Rochdale. They have alleged they were working in terrible conditions and were paid £25 for an 80-hour week after deductions for rent and travel. The ‘slaves’, all adults, were found during a police raid working in a unit at the Caldershaw Centre on Ings Lane and had been subject to ‘physical and verbal abuse’, say police.
Manchester Evening Post 16 December 2014

Weekend trafficking: Gangs now flying shoplifters into Britain and back on budget airlines

Eastern European victims of people trafficking are being exploited by criminal gangs to carry out weekends of high-end shoplifting before being returned home on block-booked budget airline flights, in a new trend of modern slavery identified by Scotland Yard. UK-based gang leaders are marshalling groups of up to 20 people brought over from countries such as Poland and Lithuania on cheap flights to target designer shops during trips lasting just a few days, detectives said yesterday.
The Independent 10 December 2014

Young Africans sold ‘dream’ of UK living only to be trafficked into slavery

Archbishop of Westminster says youngsters are being promised careers in Premier League by abusers. Young people in Africa are being sold “the dream” of living in the UK, including the promise of becoming a Premier League footballer, only to be trafficked into slavery, the Catholic archbishop of Westminster has said. On the final day of a global conference in London between police forces, church groups and government officials, Cardinal Vincent Nichols said it was clear support to tackle human trafficking is growing.
The Guardian 9 December 2014

UK Slavery Exposed: I Didn't Want To Die

A former sex slave trapped in a London house for five years speaks out as Theresa May tells Sky News new legislation is needed. A woman forced to have sex with up to nine men a day while being held captive has revealed the horror of modern slavery in Britain - as the Home Secretary vowed to combat the issue. Speaking exclusively to Sky News on the eve of a major international anti-slavery conference, Theresa May said more must be done to bring the perpetrators of people-trafficking and modern-day slavery to justice.
SKY NEWS 6 December 2014

Modern slavery: An everyday crime

We need to open our eyes to the disturbing truth. Slavery is here, and it’s under our noses: we all have a moral obligation to take notice. It’s the little treats that make the weekend. The takeaway curry, the manicure, getting the car polished while you grab a coffee. Affordable, harmless indulgences after a hard week’s work. But what is the true cost of all those gel nail extensions, car waxes and king prawn bhunas? The evidence suggests that those blameless transactions may not be so innocent after all and could instead be linked directly to a modern trade in human misery, where trafficking and exploitation feed the bottom line.
The Telegraph 5 December 2014

Home Office: 13,000 could be working as slaves in the UK

New analysis from the Home Office on the scale of human trafficking in the UK suggests as many as 13,000 people may be living in a state of slavery. The most commonly reported form of modern slavery in the UK is sexual exploitation, with women making up the vast majority of victims. The government has just appointed the UK's first-slavery commissioner has vowed to tackle police failings in uncovering and rescuing people from trafficking, and work to support victims. Today's strategy is part of the government's Modern Slavery Bill, expected to become law in 2015.
ITV NEWS 3 December 2014

40 ‘human trafficking victims’ rescued in Bradford

Police rescued 41 suspected victims of human trafficking in the biggest operation of its kind in Bradford. The vulnerable men, women and children were found as officers swooped on properties during the two-day operation. Three men, aged 43, 33 and 28, and a 51-year-old woman were arrested on suspicion of fraud and human trafficking and have since been released on bail.
The Yorkshire Post 2 December 2014

Slavery levels in UK 'higher than thought'

There could be between 10,000 and 13,000 victims of slavery in the UK, higher than previous figures, analysis for the Home Office suggests. Modern slavery victims are said to include women forced into prostitution, "imprisoned" domestic staff and workers in fields, factories and fishing boats. The figure for 2013 is the first time the government has made an official estimate of the scale of the problem.
BBC News 1 December 2014

13 men guilty of enforced prostitution and rape of vulnerable girls in Bristol

With second group of convictions, story can be told of the sexual abuse of teens – some in local authority care – often for money. Thirteen men, all of Somali origin, have been convicted of the systematic sexual abuse of vulnerable girls as young as 13 in Bristol and officers are investigating claims against 49 other suspects. The victims, some of whom were in local authority care, were groomed and passed around by their abusers – often for money – and assaulted in homes, parks and a hotel. One of the girls was raped at age 13 on the same night by three different men, including a stranger, and thought her life would be in danger if she went to the police.
The guardian  28th November 2014

Domestic workers awarded €240,000 after earning just €2 an hour for ambassador

Jennifer Villaranda, Myra Calderon and Laylanie Laporga won their unfair dismissal claim against UAE Ambassador Khalid Nasser Rashed Lootah and his wife Mehra Metad Alghubaisi. Ms Villaranda said she was delighted with the outcome. “The Chairperson of the Tribunal was appalled by the level of exploitation we suffered,” said Ms Villaranda after the ruling. “We worked for the Ambassador 15 hours a day, seven days a week and we were only paid only €170 per month – less than €2 per hour. “We were constantly on call, our passports were taken and we never had a day off.”
The Independent 27th November 2014

Police investigate claims of slavery in UK fishing fleet

Police are investigating allegations of human trafficking and slavery in parts of Britain's fishing fleet. It is understood that among the claims are allegations that foreign fishermen suffering from exhaustion and malnutrition on UK-owned boats have leapt into the sea off the coast of Britain to escape abusive treatment on board. Details of the inquiry emerged after a man alleged that he was forced to continue working on a British prawn trawler despite having part of his finger ripped off in an accident.
The Independent 23rd November 2014

Three men from Batley charged with human trafficking

Three men have been charged with human trafficking. All three were arrested and charged as part of Operation Tavernhouse, a long-running investigation into the alleged exploitation of migrant workers in the Kirklees area. The men, all from Batley, are aged 39, 46 and 59, and will appear before Kirklees Magistrates’ Court in Huddersfield on December 1.
Huddersfield Daily Examiner 20th November 2014

Almost 36m people live in modern slavery – report

Nearly 36 million people worldwide, or 0.5% of the world's population, live as slaves, a survey by anti-slavery campaign group Walk Free says. The group's Global Slavery Index says India has the most slaves overall and Mauritania has the highest percentage. The total is 20% higher than for 2013 because of better methodology. BBC News 17th November 2014

Manchester trafficking ring ‘sold pregnant woman into sham marriage’

Thirteen people arrested for offences including trafficking people for exploitation and conspiracy to breach immigration law. Thirteen people have been arrested over a trafficking ring which saw a pregnant woman tricked into visiting the UK before being sold into a sham marriage. The 10 men and three women, aged between 24 and 57, were detained after police and Home Office officers went to their properties in Greater Manchester on Wednesday.
The Guardian 13th November 2014

Human trafficking gang member jailed

The final member of a gang who trafficked women into south-east England to work as prostitutes has been jailed for two years and nine months. Attila Kolompar was part of a gang of Hungarian nationals and a woman from Sussex who trafficked more than 60 women in their teens and 20s. The gang forced the women to work in hotels in Sussex and Kent and student accommodation at Sussex University.
BBC News 7th November 2014

Migrant Workers Don't Need to Live in Slavery

Imagine that you are offered a job overseas. It promises a salary you couldn't dream of making at home. You've heard that the work is difficult and sometimes dangerous, and you'll have to stay overseas for at least two years with only limited contact with your family. But you have an unexpected need for cash because your kids are sick, or maybe because your family business has gone under, so you decide to apply for the job.
Huffington Post 30th October 2014

'Modern day slavery' farmer David Doran jailed for four years

David Daniel Doran pleaded guilty midway through his trial at Cardiff Crown Court A horse farmer who forced a "terrified" vulnerable man to work unpaid for 13 years in "modern day slavery" has been jailed for four-and-a-half years.
BBC NEWS Wales 24th October 2014

Vulnerable man forced into 'modern day slavery'

A vulnerable man was forced to work unpaid for 13 years in "modern day slavery", according to prosecutors. Horse farmer David Daniel Doran, 42, pleaded guilty midway through his trial to making homeless Darrell Simester, from Kidderminster, perform forced or compulsory labour.
BBC News 23rd October 2014

Attorney: Charges against liberated Mauritanian slave dropped

Charges against Mbeirika Mint M'bareck have been dropped and the young woman is now living free from judicial custody, according to her attorney. It's unclear exactly why the charges were abandoned. The attorney, El Id Mohameden M'bareck, said the charges likely were dropped before anti-slavery activists on Monday sent a letter to authorities urging the 15-year-old liberated slave not be prosecuted for having sex outside marriage.
CNN 23rd October 2014

Human trafficking suspect arrested in Birmingham during international police operation on foreign criminals

West Midland police officers arrested a man suspected of being involved in human trafficking in an international crackdown. The Slovakian suspect was found hiding at address in Handsworth by officers acting on intelligence through Operation Trivium.
Birmingham Mail 21st October 2014

Help end ‘abomination’ of modern slavery, says Archbishop

THE Archbishop of York has urged the people of Yorkshire to help shine a spotlight on modern-day slavery in the region after describing the emerging form of criminality as “an abomination in our time”.
The Yorkshire Post 20th October 2014

Anti-slavery group ‘dumbfounded’ by illegal gangmaster’s weak sentence

Outcry after Romanian migrant Gheorge Ionas fined £500 for forcing Armagh apple pickers to endure ‘extreme exploitation’…
the guardian 15th October 2014  

Trafficked and trapped in a spiral of labour exploitation

At the end of the week, instead of earning the £400 that they were promised, they were given just £20 from which they had to pay rent to Jan, leaving them just £8 to buy enough food for a week.
lep News 14th October 2014

Woman who was kept as slave for nine years could get £200k from captors

A landmark court case will attempt to win £200,000 in loss of earnings for a woman kept as a slave for nine years. Greater Manchester Police and Crown lawyers will start the action tomorrow seeking an order under the Proceeds of Crime Act.
Manchester Evening News 7th October 2014

Speak up and eliminate forced labour – business can be ethical and profitable

When Indra Nooyi, chairman and CEO of PepsiCo, was speaking at the World Economic Forum in Davos in January this year, she called on business leaders and industry captains to change the dialogue from “what…
The Conversation 1st October 2014

Human trafficking: 55 victims identified in Scotland last year

Fifty five potential victims of human trafficking were identified in Scotland last year, according to a report. Almost a third (30%) of them experienced sexual exploitation followed by labour exploitation (14%) and criminal exploitation (9%). Romania was the most common country of origin, with nine cases in Scotland.
BBC NEWS Scotland 30th September 2014

Darrell Simester 'terrified' at 'forced work farm'

A "terrified" vulnerable man was made to live in a shed while working unpaid for 13 years, a jury has heard. Homeless Darrell Simester said he was picked up on a dual carriageway by the Doran family and taken to Cariad Farm, near Newport.
BBC NEWS  24th September 2014

Iver man convicted of servitude in first of its kind conviction

A man has been convicted of servitude at Aylesbury Crown Court today (Wednesday, September 16), in what is thought to be the first conviction of its kind in England. John Rooney, aged 35, of Holly Bush Lane in Iver, was convicted by unanimous verdict.
Getbucks 22nd September 2014

Slave raids in Plymouth - police arrest eight and free eight men

EIGHT people have been arrested after eight alleged slaves were freed during dawn raids at addresses in Plymouth and Bodmin. More than 100 police officers were involved in Operation Triage which saw the eight men – all Czech nationals – freed. In addition, officers found 13 children – all believed to be linked to the suspects – at the addresses and all were taken to a place of safety.
The Herald 16th September 2014

British police rescue eight people from caravan site following slavery investigation

British police rescued eight people from "cramped and filthy" conditions at a caravan site following an investigation into them potentially being held as slaves and subjected to work exploitation.
RTE News 16th September 2014

Father and son appear in court accused of keeping a man on their farm for forced labour

A father and a son have appeared at Cardiff Crown Court accused of keeping a vulnerable man on their family farm for forced labour. Daniel Doran, 67, and his son David Doran, 43, are accused of requiring Darrell Simester, 44, to “perform forced or compulsory labour” over three years at their South Wales horse farm.
Walesonline  15th September 2014

Two charged with servitude offences in Dorset

Two people have been charged on suspicion of servitude offences after four people were removed from an address in Dorset. Mary Turner, 60, and David Porter, 63, from Wareham, were charged on Friday after first being arrested on suspicion of benefit fraud in February.
BBC NEWS  15th September 2014

Serena: victim of sexual exploitation

Serena and her family thought she'd get a better life by marrying a man in Britain. Instead she found rape and abuse.
The Telegraph 14th September 2014

Revealed: How the Connors family tried to avoid police as they forced people to work for them

Myriad aliases, hidden bank accounts and concealed documents were just some of the lengths used by the Connors family to avoid the police. Five members of the Staverton-based family of Irish travellers were found guilty in December 2012 of forcing people to work for them and making them live in squalid caravans.
Gloucestershire Echo 13th September 2014

Revealed: Lithuanian mobsters behind human trafficking gangs organising slaves to shoplift from Scottish stores

MANY of those being forced by crooks to shoplift from Scottish high streets are young females from Eastern Europe. HUMAN trafficking gangs are forcing foreign slaves to steal from stores across Scotland in an organised crimewave. Teenagers, many from Eastern Europe, are being press-ganged into shoplifting crews targeting High Street stores in a countrywide blitz.
Daily Record 10th September 2014

Cabbies help human trafficking move

A CAMPAIGN to stop sexual exploitation and forced labour of innocent people in Uttoxeter is being introduced to taxi drivers in the town in their role as 'eyes and ears' of the community.
Uttoxeter  10th September 2014

‘We must get a grip on forced labour menace in region’

Efforts to tackle human trafficking and forced labour are growing in Yorkshire, but a lack of understanding of the problem means hundreds of victims are going unheeded. Rob Parsons and Laura Bowyer report on the trade in human misery.
The Yorkshire Post September 4th  2014

Slaves and Human Trafficking Victims Forced to Work on Cannabis Farms in UK

Slaves held in Britain are growing the cannabis that ends up in millions of joints across the UK. The cultivation of the class B drug by crime gangs in urban homes is being done with the enforced labour of people who often have been trafficked into the country, according to police chiefs.
International Business Times September 1st 2014

Former Coventry man jailed for human trafficking

A former Coventry man has been jailed for 14 years for human trafficking and sexual exploitation. An international operation was launched to bring Albanian national Vladimir Ismaili to justice, with Warwickshire police officers collecting him from Greek police and bringing him home.
ITV August 28th 2014

200 Years After Abolition, Slavery Still a Major Issue in Today's Supply Chains

23 August is the International Day for the Remembrance of the Slave Trade and its Abolition, a date that marks the beginning of the end for the transatlantic slave trade. Unfortunately, this event did not mark the end of slavery altogether. Modern-day slavery in the 21st century remains widespread. The recent Thai fishing industry scandal is just one of the many recent examples.
Sustainable Brands 23rd August 2014

Harrow couple charged with human trafficking

Marius Ciubotariu and his wife, Andreea Ciubotariu both from Harrow were charged yesterday (August 21) with human trafficking an 18 year-old woman into London.
Get West London  21st August 2014

Two men in court charged with 50 human trafficking and forced labour charges relating to Co Armagh operation

Two men have been remanded in custody charged with 50 human trafficking and forced labour charges.
Belfast Telegraph 19th August 2014

Anti-slavery raid officers rescue 20 Romanian victims: Two men charged

Two men are due in court after twenty potential victims of human trafficking were rescued as part of an investigation into slavery in Northern Ireland. The pair, aged 23 and 31, are accused of 50 offences including trafficking, forced labour and acting as an unlicensed gangmaster.
Belfast Telegraph 19th August 2014

Tilbury Docks: Police questioning container survivors

Police are questioning some of the people found inside a shipping container at a port, as they continue to investigate the death of one man. Thirty-five people were discovered on Saturday morning after a freighter arrived at Tilbury Docks from Belgium. Essex Police described the men, women and children - all believed to be from the Indian subcontinent - as victims of "people trafficking".
BBC News 17th August 2014

Cameron balks at probing supply chain in UK anti-slavery bill - MP

LONDON (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Prime Minister David Cameron could have been an anti-slavery hero had he ensured that a draft law to combat slavery contained provisions to prevent the "evil practice" in corporate supply chains, a senior politician said.
Reuters 14th August 2014

Cambridgeshire police launch human trafficking awareness campaign

Cambridgeshire Constabulary will be focussing its efforts on tackling human trafficking this month and members of the public are being asked to help raise awareness of the issue.
ELY STANDARD 24  August 6th 2014

Home Office launches modern slavery awareness campaign

The Home Office will launch a campaign to raise awareness of modern slavery, with a TV advert highlighting the complexity of the issue.
ITV July 31st 2014

Human trafficking activists welcome supreme court ruling on compensation

Campaigners against human trafficking have welcomed a supreme court ruling that victims are entitled to compensation for mistreatment even if their entry into the UK was illegal.
the guardian July 30th  2014

Supreme Court set to rule on rights of trafficked Nigerian girl

The UK's highest court will rule on a landmark decision of whether illegal immigrants should be deprived of fundamental workers' rights, following the appeal of a Nigerian national who was trafficked into the UK.
The Independent July 27th  2014

Cornish police leading the fight against modern slavery

There are an estimated 10,000 slaves in the UK according to the latest statistics - and Cornish police are helping lead the battle to close down the trade.
West Briton July 13th  2014

UK’s modern slavery bill gets its second reading

A piece of legislation aimed at tackling slavery, human trafficking, forced labour and domestic servitude is getting its second reading in Westminster.
blue&green tomorrow July 9th  2014

Forced labour in the United Kingdom.

Forced labour is a serious crime that currently affects thousands of people across the UK – and the number of cases is growing. JRF has supported research into the nature, scale and scope of forced labour in the UK since 2010.
JFR July 8th  2014

Four men arrested in south Wales as part of slavery investigation.

Operation Imperial officers arrest four men in Rumney area of Cardiff as part of long-running forced labour investigation.
the guardian July 7th  2014

Dreams Come True Charity - Human trafficker jailed for three years.

A woman who trafficked vulnerable Lithuanian workers to Bristol locked them in a squalid house and forced them to hand out charity collection bags for little or no pay has been jailed for three years.
The Independent June 30th  2014

Human Trafficking Arrests in Huntindon & St Ives

Eleven people have been arrested following a series of police raids in Huntingdon and St Ives…
Heart June 26th  2014

Primark denies purchasing clothes made in forced labour camps or prisons

Primark has denied it purchases clothing made in forced labour camps or prisons in China in response to claims by a Northern Ireland shopper that she found a message from a Chinese dissident inside trousers bought in one of the company's stores.
The Independent June 24th  2014

London gang forced Hungarian women to have sex with up to  20 men a day.

Scotland Yard has so far arrested 25 gang members in June, all from different criminal groups across Britain who specialise in trafficking women into the UK to work as sex slaves.
International Business Times June 23rd  2014

The Unchosen short film competition in The Guardian today.

Short film competition, organsed by anti-trafficking charity Unchosen, aims to raise awareness of widespread human trafficking, and consumers' complicity in it…
the guardian June 17th  2014

Ilford man, part of London-wide human trafficking operation involving 120 women

A 33-year-old man who threatened and abused girls who were not complicit with the demands of a human trafficking gang is to be sentenced.
Ilford Recorder June 16th  2014

Police and immigration units sting Edinburgh strip club boss amid human trafficking concerns

ADULT Entertainment Industry man Steven MacDonald has been targeted by police probe in to illegal goings on in his clubs
Daily Record June 15th  2014

Labour call to stop UK supermarkets stocking food produced by slaves

It is up to consumers whether they eat prawns processed in Thailand using slave labour, says Cameron's spokesman
the guardian June 11th 2014

Six arrests in London and Peterborough over human trafficking

Six people have been arrested in London and Peterborough in relation to the human trafficking of more than 100 women, the Met has said.
BBC News June 11th  2014

Voluntary guidance on slavery is pointless – only radical action will help

The Sedex slavery code offers good advice for businesses but until laws on forced labour in supply chains are introduced, vulnerable workers will continue to be exploited
the guardian June 5th  2014

The dark reality of modern slavery in the UK

It is thought that 4,500 people in the UK are living as modern day slaves but very few of those responsible are ever caught or brought to justice.
BBC News June 3rd 2014

Judge orders modern-day slaver to pay more than £250k

A man convicted of modern-day slavery charges has been ordered to pay £232,752.68p within six months or face another 3 years in jail.
ITV News June 3rd 2014

Sex trafficking: Three men arrested by Lincolnshire Police

Two Skegness men and another from Hounslow in Essex have been arrested by Lincolnshire Police on suspicion of being involved in sex trafficking in the county.

Lincolnshire Echo May 25th 2014

38 victims of trafficking rescued in Northern Ireland

Thirty-eight suspected victims of human trafficking were rescued in Northern Ireland in the last year, it has emerged.
Belfast telegraph 14th May 2014

Update: Men from Dewsbury and Heckmondwike jailed for human trafficking

Two Hungarian men have been jailed for their part in a large scale human trafficking ring which saw victims lured to Kirklees and forced into near slavery.
Wakefield Express 14th May 2014

Slavery Becomes 'Big Business' In Britain

The number of people being used as "slaves" in the UK is increasing. Ben Cooley, CEO of Hope for Justice, says modern day slavery is big business in the UK, seen as low risk, often cash in hand and high profit.
Sky News  4th May 2014

Woman guilty of luring 'vulnerable' girls into prostitution

A woman who used drugs and alcohol to lure "weak and vulnerable" girls into a life of prostitution has been found guilty of running a child sex ring.
BBC News 1st May 2014

Woman guilty of luring 'vulnerable' girls into prostitution

A woman who used drugs and alcohol to lure "weak and vulnerable" girls into a life of prostitution has been found guilty of running a child sex ring.
BBC News 1st May 2014

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