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Unchosen is an anti-trafficking charity that organises film campaigns to raise public awareness and combat all forms of human trafficking, forced labour, sexual exploitation and domestic servitude in the UK and Ireland.

Unchosen Events


Our goal is to combat human trafficking in all its forms and make the UK a very difficult place for traffickers to operate. For this purpose, we raise awareness of human trafficking, what it looks like in the UK and what can be done by ordinary people to stamp it out.

Our vision is that the more people are able to recognise the signs of trafficking and act upon them, the more victims can be identified and referred to the appropriate support services.
Our aims are:

  • To increase awareness of human trafficking and its associated causes
  • To increase access to information and training
  • To inspire local community activism within the anti-trafficking field
  • To increase the sharing of knowledge and information


Unchosen uses film to tell the human stories behind trafficking, exploitation and their associated causes, in communities across the UK and Ireland.

Film is an accessible and emotionally engaging tool that can get people thinking about the complex realities of human trafficking in a more direct way than written reports. All our events incorporate film screenings followed by post-film panel discussions comprising anti-trafficking experts, police and film directors.
We work closely with local authorities, non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and community volunteers to ensure successful outcomes from all our campaigns.

Our activities include:

  • Targeted campaigns and workshops with frontline workers, young people, and the general public.
  • Providing up-to-date information about trafficking as well as access to resources and training through our campaigns and via our website
  • Facilitating networking and the development of anti-trafficking coalitions
  • Creating short films that reflect the reality of trafficking in the UK through our Human Trafficking Short Film Competition.



Registered Charity No: 1139721     Company Limited by Guarantee No.: 07014345